Marketing Programs

You can have a great looking website in as little as 2 weeks.

Together, we can create a masterpiece! You’ll have some work to do, maybe you can have a trusted employee help. Maybe you want to be more hands-on.

I have a free guide you can download to learn about what it takes to build a great website.


SEO is all about word targeting and authority.

But do you know which keywords you should be going after? Do you know how strong the competition is or how much work it’ll take to dominate any given keyword?

Get a keyword report.
Find your best keywords.
Become an authority in them!
Dominate your market!

How do you become an authority about something? You study it.

How to you become known as an authority about something? You teach others about it.

Blogging is simply writing and teaching other people via your website.

I can teach you how to do it. I can help you with your blogging. I can also help you with blogging as a service.

You’re a local business and you need to be found by local people looking for your products or services.

Let’s build your reputation in Google and have you show up in the Map section of the Google search results.

You can do it. I can help.

Your business needs a logo. It provides the basis for the identity of your company. It’s the thing people see when they think of your brand.

It needs to be memorable, recognizable, and appropriate to your brand.

Color matters.
Design matters.
People’s understanding of it matter.

A logo needs to convey the emotions of your brand. There’s both an art to logo design and a science to it. Get your new logo designed by a professional who takes your brand message seriously.

The right words at the right time make all the difference. And because your mission is to solve problems, you need to make sales. It’s how you help people.

Someone comes to your website, they look at your images and they see exactly what they need. But the words seem tell a different story. They’re not enticing. The potential client figures your offering really isn’t what they’re looking for. They leave and look for what they need on someone else’s site. The sale is lost.

Lose fewer sales with solid copywriting principles.