Tim Biden

Help More People.
Make More Money.


Your business is how you help people. It’s your service to humanity. The fact that you get paid for it shouldn’t distract you from your mission or affect how other people view you.

Yes, our society has a negative view of business and capitalism. However, at its core, business is one person providing a product or service that another person wants and is willing to pay for.

If you have money in your pocket or bank account, it’s because someone else valued what you offered them more than the money it cost. They accepted your offer and gave you the money. You gave them what they paid for. It’s a valid business deal and everyone’s happy.

How do you help more people?
How do you do it more often?


The more people who know you, like you, and trust you, the more money you’re likely to have. Your success in business is directly tied to the size of your network. If your business is online, you have the potential to network with millions of people.

But how do you reach them? You have so many options these days. But not all of them are right for every business.

You need to know where your target market hangs out online.
You need to know what they’re interested in and how to reach them.
You have to speak the language they do.
You need to know how much of your personality to show and how much to hold back.
You share value. 

Do you sell headphones, horse grooming products, or hair extensions? The truth is that it doesn’t matter. No matter what you sell, you need to provide what your target market wants to see.

Do they want humor or seriousness?
Do they want tips & tricks or tutorials?
Do they want pictures or text?

You can learn all of this. Then you simply implement it.

Social media is an art, not a science. Provide what the right people want, and they’ll provide you with followers, approval, and money.


Marketing is a conversation.

You listen to your customers and clients. You listen to how they speak, what they talk about, what they’re interested in, and you talk to them about those things. And when it’s appropriate, you talk about how your product or service aids them in what they need. Be mindful of how much you talk about yourself.

If you sell golf clubs, find out what golfers like.

You talk about how hard it is to get good at golf.
You talk about how it’s a great way to get away from the stress of work.
You talk about the business deals that are done on the golf course.
You talk like they do.

And they’ll love you for it.

You post funny pictures of golf wins and losses.

And they’ll love you for it.

When someone wins a tournament with your clubs, you let everyone know.

Give people something to laugh at. And they’ll love you for it. If a pro has a really bad shot, you post about how your clubs could have made all the difference. And make it funny.

Humor desperately needed. Do it well and you’ll be rewarded. Yes, that’s marketing.

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