About Tim

Tim Biden, black and white photo, wearing a baseball cap

Hi! I'm Tim Biden

Like you, I'm a business owner.

I make websites for other businesses. I will provide your business with an online presence to bring in more leads and sales.

I've done Internet Marketing, WordPress & Website creation since 2008. And I love it!

This is what I do for fun. Literally. This is what I do in my off hours. It drives my wife a bit nuts. But her frustration is your gain because I've learned a thing or two about making money online. So now I can help you.

When your business is ready to move online, it's time to get a website. I can have your website ready in as little as 2 weeks. From the time you make your deposit and supply me with your page data, it'll take about 2 weeks.

I can help you bring in more business.