Your website should

Web Design

Designing the look
and feel of your

Online Marketing

Connecting you with
potential customers
and clients online


Helping people
understand why they
need what you sell

Logo Design

Representing your business
with a memorable and
professional logo

Local SEO

Get your business found
in the Map section of


Frequently Asked Questions. And Answers.

Marketing is a conversation between you and the people your business serves. It’s helping them understand how your products or services solve their problems. It’s helping them to trust you, to like you, and to want to business with you. And I do this on the Internet, online. I help you to reach your potential clients online.

There are many things I can do. This included creating a new and interesting website, create an ebook to generate leads, help you show up in Google, give you more visibility with a Blog, and write compelling copy (text) on your site. If you need something specific that isn’t listed here, let me know.

A successful website does 1 thing. It brings in new clients. To do that, it must be attractive, provide information, and compel people to believe that you can solve their problem. Whatever you sell, it has to solve a problem for someone. I create websites that show people the solution to their problem. You need a new website. I can create it. It’ll look good. It’ll bring in clients. It’ll increase your business.

Definitely not. Though I do recommend having one. If you don’t currently have one, we can have one designed for you. Although a logo does provide an image as the face of your business, and concrete design constraints, it isn’t necessary to start a web design project. There are more important things to consider than a logo. It’s something you can grow into later if you want.

Other businesses in your market, your competition, are online. You already know this. They’re gaining respect in Google. They’re moving forward. If you’re standing still, you’re being left behind.

How much longer can you afford to
“stand still” while they keep moving?

"Standing Still"
is Falling Behind.