Tim Biden

Marketing Is Getting People To:

You're A Business Owner.

You sell either products or services. What you sell helps people in one way or another. Your mission is to help as many people as you can.

  • Do you have courses or books for sale on Gumroad
  • Do you have products for sale on Shopify?
  • Do you have an e-commerce site you manage yourself?

Helping people is what business is all about. With e-commerce, you can help people all over the country. Heck, you can help people around the world!

Only one question remains…

  • How do you reach more people?

The more people you help, the more money you make.
Make selling easier for yourself.
I can help.

Happy Clients!

"Getting good testimonials has always been a struggle for me. I really like Tim's book as it gives you the correct structure and questions to ask your clients when they are writing a testimonial for your service. I will most definitely be using this as a guideline for my future clients."

"The book is very well written and straight to the point with no fluff you get with a lot of other books. I recommend this book to anyone who sells a product or a service."​


Marketing is a conversation. It's getting people to know, like, and trust you. Then, it's getting them to buy from you. The larger your network, the larger your reach, the larger your pool of prospects and potential clients, the more money you stand to make, Let's introduce you to people who want what you sell.

Web Design

To be effective at bringing in new clients, websites must be both attractive and persuasive. Yours will be. It'll be eye-catching. It'll be persuasive. We can create a lead-generation magnet. We can plan out what your prospects want and need. Then we'll give it to them in a way they can't ignore.


We will build your email list and send regular emails to people on your list who already signed up to hear from you. They believe you're an expert in your field. They believe what you have to say is important. And because they already trust you, they're easy to sell to. Let's start selling!


Your "copy" is the text in your website and marketing materials. It's what you say about your offerings. It's also reviews and testimonials. Your copy needs to be written in a convincing manner to tell people how you solve problems and make life easier. It has to make them want it, and want it now.

Make More Money

Together, we'll create your marketing plan. Then we'll work it to completion. We'll analyze what worked best and what didn't work so well. Then we'll create a new plan with the updated data and be even more effective next time. You'll have a beautiful website that brings in new clients and customers. You'll make more money. And you'll do it easier.


Business psychology is about what it takes to get people moving to buy what you sell. Imagine knowing what drives people, I mean what really gets them going, and implementing that on all your marketing materials. How many more people could you help if you were able to get people moving and taking action?